Your questions - answered

I found pictures of my work on Gofler, what should I do? Please use form above to gain access to your portfolio. Once you get access, you can add, edit or remove any information and pictures from your portfolio.

How long my portfolio will be active on Gofler? Your portfolio will be active until you cancel it.

What categories of services can be listed on Gofler? Services that are legal in European Union.

How many pictures I can upload? You can upload 9 photo to your portfolio, after that each new photo will remove the oldest one.

I can’t find any portfolios from my city, can I join? Absolutely, you will be the first in your city, which means you will get all customers to yourself.

Where my services will be advertised? On Gofler platform and in the ads we run on Facebook, Google, Instagram, TikTok and other advertising platforms.

How I can change a phone number for my portfolio? Please contact us using Contact form above.

How much it cost? It’s free.

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