General rules
1.1. Gofler.com is a platform for self-employed and businesses who provide various services. Users may register and list their services. Visitors can search for professionals and contact them using contact information.

1.2. This user agreement describes the use of the Gofler.com website by third parties.

2. Terms and definitions
2.1. Gofler.com is an Internet platform located at http://gofler.com/; http://www.gofler.com/. The owner of the Internet platform is Sia Logic Solutions.

2.2. Professional - Authorized user at Gofler.com.

2.3. User - any visitor to Gofler.com. regardless of whether the authorization passed or not. The user has access to search and browse the Profiles of Professionals on Gofler.com.

2.4. Profile - a webpage on the Gofler.com platform on which the information that the user has provided to Gofler.com is placed for general access.

3. Registration and processing of user data
3.1 The user can Register at Gofler.com by providing a phone number. as well as confirming your email address, following the instructions provided by Gofler.com after entering the phone number in the registration form.

3.2 User data is stored on Gofler.com servers in encrypted form and can be deleted upon user request.

3.3. Gofler.com has the right to remove or limit the access of the User or a group of users to Gofler.com without notice. Gofler.com has the right to notify the User about the reason for the blocking, indicating the actions necessary to restore full access to Gofler.com.

Privacy policy
3.4. The User allows Gofler.com to store and process their personal data transmitted during registration and account confirmation in the Gofler.com databases in order to provide information to potential customers of the User.

3.5. The user agrees that his Profile data becomes publicly available from the moment of registration on Gofler.com.

Deleting a profile
3.6. To delete a Profile, a Professional should write an e-mail with the mark “Delete Profile” to a@gofler.com.

4. Terms of use of the Profile
4.1. Users are fully liable for the content of their Profile, both to Gofler.com and to third parties in cases of violation of the rules of Gofler.com, the laws of the country in which the Professional provides services, copyright and business rights, trademark rights and trademarks. Also in cases of creating losses, anxiety or inconvenience to unauthorized persons.

A Profile will be blocked which contains:

4.2. Illegal, anti-moral, abusive, or fraudulent textual or graphical content.

4.3. Photos that do not correspond to reality and low quality photos.

4.4. The offer of services that the owner of the Profile is unable to perform or a non-existent service.

4.5. Text or attached graphics that contain a phone, e-mail. Internet link, or other contact information (except for special fields).

4.6. The required fields, either containing incorrect, erroneous information, or containing many errors in the text, are not filled in or incorrectly filled.

4.7. Services that are subject to licensing, if the Professional has not provided accurate contact information about the company and the license number corresponding to the offer.

4.8. Services that include the use of controlled medicines, hazardous or harmful products and substances, as well as goods that are not certified to CE standards.

4.9. Services that include the use of counterfeit goods or smuggled goods.

4.10. In the text or on the attached graphics, the mention, advertising or logos of other companies whose activities are similar to Gofler.com.

4.11. Links to resources that do not correctly serve visitors, open pop-up windows, include soundtracks or perform other incorrect actions regarding visitors, or information systems that contain offers of services that are prohibited to be posted on Gofler.com.

4.12. Containing links to pages overloaded with Internet counters, ad units, links to other pages, as well as to uninformative pages, with outdated content or extremely poor workmanship, as well as to pages that are not related to the owner of the Profile.

4.13. Profiles that receive multiple complaints.

4.14. Just Gofler.com reserves the right at its own subjective decision to remove or block the User.

5. Responsibility of Gofler.com
5.1. Gofler.com is not responsible for uninterrupted access to the service, does not acquire rights, is not responsible for the quality of services provided by professionals.

5.2. Users resolve disputes about the failure to perform or improper performance of services directly with each other or in a court of the country in whose territory the service was rendered.

5.3. Gofler.com. as well as the owner of the platform Gofler.com are not responsible for the content of Profiles and Portfolios, as well as possible losses or inconveniences associated with the work or unavailability ofGofler.com.

6. Intellectual rights
6.1. The constituent elements individually and collectively, if they constitute independent intellectual property, belong to Gofler.com.

7. Contacts
7.1. The user can contact the question at a@gofler.com.

7.2. Communication with the user occurs at the email address specified in the letter. Communication with a Confirmed Participant on matters affecting his personal data occurs at the email address provided during account confirmation.

8. Changes to the terms and conditions:
8.1 The terms and conditions of Gofler.com may be changed, supplemented or corrected and take effect from the date of publication on Gofler.com.

Publication Date: 02/02/2020